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As of October 15, 2006, Membership in the British Columbia Geocaching Association is free. Members must be 16 years of age or older and a resident of BC. Prospective members must still complete the following membership form and send it in with a copy of your Driver’s License. The copy will be destroyed once your application is approved. Once this information has been received and verified, your membership will be current until the end of that calendar year.

According to our Society by-laws, members must renew their membership annually, in January of each year. Membership continues to be free but we need to verify that your information is up to date.

Fill in our 2018 registration form here, or download an application form to mail us.

Real Name (first and last) (required) Nickname (required)

Birthdate (must be 16 or older) (required, use yyyy-mm-dd format)

Full Address (must be a resident of BC) (required)

Email Address (required)

Phone Number (required)

Every application must be verified by a Regional Representative or a Director of the BC Geocaching Association. You are applying to be a member of a society registered in BC. We must be sure that you are a) a real person and b) that you are a resident of BC. Please attach a copy of your driver's license, BC ID card, or a copy of a utility bill (phone, power, natural gas, etc.) with your name and address on it. This information will be used to verify your identity and will then be destroyed.

Attachment (File must be a gif, png, jpg or PDF under 5MB)

By submitting this form, I hereby confirm that I am a resident of BC and I am eligible to become a member of the BC Geocaching Association per the Standard Operating Procedures of the Society. I am providing a copy of my driver's license, BC ID card, or utility bill to confirm residence.

All information will remain confidential as per provisions of the BC Privacy Act, and only your nickname, and city/town of residence will appear on (along with any other information you chose to disclose on your personal profile page.).

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