The BCGA runs on donations and any grants that we may be successful in applying for. Each year at our AGM, our members are asked whether we should charge membership dues, and consistently, we have decided not to charge dues.

What do we use the funds for?

  • we have supported numerous event requests with door prizes.
  • we produce literature for events to promote geocaching and the BCGA.
  • we put on our events, with BBQs and swag, and all kinds of associated costs. We were able to run large events in Richmond and Lillooet. We ran our campout and our AGM, and we are putting a series of events on for BC Parks.
  • we have a variety of coins for sale that have required us to pay for them in advance.
  • This year we were able to get a second set of GPS units, but our first set are long in the tooth and may need retiring soon. This makes it possible for us to support as many Geocaching 101s as possible.

Often, when we apply for grants, we contribute too. Some of the grants are matching grants – meaning our funds are matched. We have to have the funds to be able to do this.

It all adds up.

And we have plans! We would like to be able to do more with our regional reps, to get to more events across the whole province, to find more ways to promote geocaching to the widest possible audiences.

We ask you to help us to do this by donating. If every member donated $10, we would be in a healthy position. Perhaps that’s too much for some – perhaps some of you think you could give more. We leave it up to you.

PayPal is easy and convenient – just click on the button below. If you would like to donate by cheque, please contact our treasurer at [email protected].




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