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Content —» Cache Blitz —» 2013 Cache Blitz ~ Go Big! ~ Instructions

2013 Cache Blitz ~ Go Big! ~ Instructions

2013 Cache Blitz - Instructions

Please read the instructions below before you place a blitz cache.

How to Place a Blitz Cache:

Read the GROUNDSPEAK GUIDELINES carefully and submit a cache to in the same way you would normally. Only caches that meet the Groundspeak and any other local guidelines will be eligible for the BCGA Cache Blitz.


There are three additional steps to ensure your cache is entered in the Cache Blitz. The first step involves the Title / Header of your cache.

Step #1) Insert: B13: at the beginning of the header followed by a colon and your cache name. This lets us know that you are submitting a cache especially for the Blitz.

Please post a reviewer note that your cache is part of the BCGA cache blitz and should not be published before May 25, 2013

Your header should read: B13: name of your cache If you wanted to call your cache "Unlimited Ducks" your header would look like this

B13: Unlimited Ducks

You can remove the B13: tag from the cache once the Blitz is finished.

Step #2) Next, choose your location. This will show us what region in BC you live, where your caches are located, and which location you will will most likely attend a BCGA Blitz Event. This is important for voting procedures as each region will have separate prizes. Place the region code on the bottom of your cache page.

LM: Lower Mainland
TO: Thompson/ Okanagan
FV: Fraser Valley
KR: Kootenay / Rockies
NO: Northern BC
IS: Vancouver Island South
IN: Vancouver Island Central and North.

Step #3) The BCGA has developed a way for cachers to vote for your cache as they log their find. Make sure your listing has the "The descriptions below are in HTML" box selected and then, as the last item in your cache listing, insert (copy and paste) this block::

<center>YOUR_REGION_CODE<br> <a href="" target="_blank"> <img src=""> </a></center>

You MUST replace the text YOUR_REGION_CODE with the correct caching region you will be entering your cache in (LM,TO,FV,KR,NO,IS or IN)

In order for the button to specifically direct cachers to vote for your cache, you must replace where it says YOUR_GC_ID_HERE with your cache's GC ID. Your GC ID is the seven digit number starting with GC on the top right corner of your cache page.

This block will automatically display a button and link on your cache page. If you live in the Vancouver area and plan on attending the Lower Mainland event your location code and Button will look like this:


Your cache will be submitted manually by BCGA staff onto the Cache Blitz voting system. Please ensure that you have followed the above instructions for your cache to be processed quickly. Failure to do so may slow the process and cost you votes.

How to Vote for a Cache: The BCGA is using the same electronic voting as in prior years. This will allow cachers to vote for each cache as they log their find.

Click on the VOTE button on the bottom of the cache page. This will lead you to an automatic voting system.

You will see several categories pertaining to all cache placements. Rate the cache on each category using the scale provided (5 being the best and 1 being the least desirable). If the category does not pertain to the cache, you can check the abstain button.

Click on the "SUBMIT" button and your vote will be automatically tabulated

You will receive an entry into a prize draw for each cache you vote for.

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