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Content —» Cache Blitz —» 2014 Summer of Excellence - Info
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2014 Summer of Excellence - Info

The year marks a new look for the traditional Blitz. A creative geocache is a gift from its creator to every geocacher who finds it. Whether it is a unique container, wonderful cache page or puzzle, or an incredible location, these caches are pure pleasure to find. Caches that hit all three are extra special.

Geocachers around the world were inspired by the recent Maker Madness events which challenged us to exercise our creativity to make awe inspiring caches for people to find.
We want to celebrate these creative caches and the cachers who place them.

Prizes Prizes Prizes!!!

Prizes will be awarded for the best cache placements. Like previous years the BCGA is stressing quality over quantity. This is your chance to showcase your best, cleverest, devious, ingenious . . . you get it. There is no prize for most cache placements. You will have a better chance of winning by placing one great cache rather than several mediocre ones. Finders should walk away with only one impression - WOW!

How do I enter my cache in the Summer of Excellence??

The BCGA Summer of Excellence is open to all cachers across the province. Simply place "B14:" at the beginning of your cache name for automatic inclusion. Detailed instructions can be found HERE. Please read the instructions carefully. Voting procedures can also be found on the instructions page.

Random Rules worth posting

  1. You may not vote for your own cache

  2. You must have visited and logged a cache in order to vote for it. BCGA directors reserve the right to remove votes that are made by people that have not visited a cache.

  3. BCGA Directors and their immediate families can participate by placing caches in the Summer of Excellence but are not eligible to win. In this case the cache with the next highest votes wins.

  4. With respect to rules and judging, all decisions made by the BCGA directors will be final.

  5. All Summer of Excellence caches must be published between noon on May 18th and midnight on August 4th. Caches published outside of those dates will not be included. Make sure you submit your cache for publication as soon as possible to give the reviewer enough time to publish your cache

  6. The voting period will run until midnight on September 1st.

  7. It is our hope that the Summer of Excellence will encourage geocachers of British Columbia to think outside the box when planning their cache hides. Think creatively, respect the environment, and play safe. Good luck to everyone... Start hiding and HAVE FUN!

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