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Finn Slough:  [?] . First settled by Finnish settlers in the 1880s, Finn Slough is one of the most unique fishing villages in the lower mainland. [M | C
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BCGA News —» News —» Events
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Boundary Bay Cache Machine Dinner
Posted by: wizardofooze on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 (04:12:06)

Many of you in the lower mainland have either attended one of the regional "Cache Machine" events hosted by TravisL or heard about them, and next month the Cache Machine will be headed north of the border once again.

While the actual event, the dinner at the end of the day, will be held in Point Roberts, cachers will be visiting locations surrounding Boundary Bay, from White Rock to South Delta.

I've just published the event Boundary Bay Cache Machine Dinner. The date is Saturday, September 27, starting at 6:45 pm at Lighthouse Park in Point Roberts.

The suggested caches and other discussion can be found here:

GC Northwest Forum

This will be a great opportunity to show the visiting cachers a great time in some of the lower mainland's most beautiful areas. If you have caches in the area, it would be a good idea to check them beforehand, replace logbooks, and take care of any other maintenance issues so that the big crowd will have the best caching experience possible.
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