Election Time For the BC Geocaching Association

The Annual General Meeting for the BC Geocaching Association will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015 in conjunction with our Campout at Lac des Roches Resort July 10 – 12th. See event pages here for the CAMPOUT and the AGM

Over the past number of years the BCGA Executive have worked hard to bring an AGM to every region of the province. This year the AGM will be held in the north in the Cariboo region.

In order to participate in the election you must be a current member in good standing of the BC Geocaching Association. 


You must have filled in and submitted a membership form and been approved as a member (based on BC residence). HERE

If you updated your membership in January – thanks! If not please do so now.

To update your membership for the current year please confirm the following:

1. Your name (real and username)
2. Your address (both mailing and email)
3. That you are still a resident of BC and that you still qualify as a member in good standing under Section 1 (3) of the Standard Operating Procedures of the Society HERE

Please send your renewal to [email protected]

**Being a registered user of the website does NOT make you a member of the society.**

Looking For A Few Good People

The BC Geocaching Association introduced staggered terms for directors in 2012. This is to ensure a continuous knowledge so that each new executive does not have to start from GZ each year. This year the following positions are up for renewal:

President – currently held by Kathy Costello (katcogo) Not running again
Secretary – currently held by Kathleen Sharpe (HB-Vanislelady) Not running again
Director at Large – currently held by Brian Lang (brilang)

The following directors will remain for another year:

Vice President – Kathleen Brophy (bajabetty)
Treasurer – Barb McInnis (JeepGurl1970)
Director at Large – Terri Hadwin (All-That-Glitters)

Our Returning Officer for this year will be Doug Smith (couloir) who has many years of experience working in and with non profit societies and is a former director of the BCGA. We are pleased that he accepted the appointment.

Election Timeline

Now – June 21 Nominations are open.
June 21 – Membership application and membership renewal deadline in order to vote in the election
June 28 – Voting opens
July 4 – Voting ends
July 11 – Results of voting announced at the AGM.

How to Nominate Someone
Any member in good standing of the BCGA may nominate any other member in good standing of the Society to be a director.

This is done via email to our Returning Officer Doug Smith to [email protected]g.com

You must include:

1. Your full name & caching name
2. The full name and caching name of the person you are nominating
3. The position(s) you are nominating that person for.

NOTE: A person may be nominated for any or all positions available but can only be elected to one position. The election will be run for positions from highest to lowest. If someone is elected to a higher position, any votes they received in a lower position are discarded.

Voting Process
We are using a 3rd party company for our election this year. In the future we expect once again to have an election plug in to our website.

More information will be sent via email to members in good standing at June 21, 2015

**Once the voting period starts we cannot add anyone on to the voting list**