Late Wed afternoon (May 27) the executive received an email from a member stating that sometime on Tues (May 26) he inadvertently stumbled across an index of files on our website.  Using the method described by the member we were able to access an index of pdf files that were uploaded to be shared with website users.  We have closed access to that part of the website.

More worrisome is that he also drew attention to the fact that the website user list could be accessed by other website users.  We were unaware that it was possible for the general users to access this information.  We have disabled access to this.  Temporarily, no one can make changes to their information on the website. If a user needs to amend their email address or other information, please send us a message on our contact form.

The executive takes privacy issues very seriously. We apologize to our members and website users for this breach of privacy.