Welcome to Our New Website!

Thanks for your patience while we did the research and started over from the ground up to build a new website.  Yes, it looks pretty basic right now but more content and bigger bells and whistles will be coming soon.

The old website was a labour of love created by Henry Kamstra, _canadianbacon_ when the Society first started.  The website was written from scratch.  Everything was custom coded.  That meant that we got exactly what we wanted from the website.  We were spoiled by Henry.  He continued to maintain the website – writing the code for Bingo over the course of a weekend, answering calls of “can we do . . .”, and fixing things that broke when our archaic code was messed with. He wrote from scratch a state of the art electronic voting system. More than once we had to contact him while he was on holiday to save our bacon (pun intended). He also spent an enormous amount of time writing an update of the website to drag it into the next generation.  For various reasons that was never implemented.  Finally we reached a point where the website was broken and it could not be fixed.  A review of the “website in waiting” determined that it too was way behind the times and it would be time consuming to bring it up to date, requiring almost a complete rewrite.  Our hats are off to Henry for his amazing work over the years. THANKS.

One thing you will notice immediately is that there is a cleaner, fresher look to the website.  It is also optimized so that it will display properly in your mobile devices. From an admin point of view it is far more user friendly. That should mean more content more often.

We hope you like it. . .