New Reviewer for BC

The BC Geocaching Association would like to welcome the newest reviewer for BC-  Skookum Bear  – you can check out their full profile HERE including what “Skookum” means.

This brings the complement of reviewers in BC to 5.  The new reviewer joins Wizard of Ooze, Saltchuk, Cachin’ Cricket and Finn Tulley to do the most important job for geocachers – publish caches!  The Wizard of Ooze, senior reviewer for BC  had this to say:

Our new team member is Skookum Bear, who has many years of experience as a geocacher and is a BC resident.  Skookum Bear will be going through the training program that all new reviewers go through, so some patience from the BC geocaching community will be appreciated as the new reviewer becomes familiar with the process.

Please treat Skookum Bear and the other BC reviewers with the respect they deserve.  We cheer when our new cache is published within an hour of being submitted; we grumble when we are advised there is a problem that needs to be addressed. We don’t see behind the scenes as they assist new cachers in placing their first cache, nor their hard work ensuring a series of caches in conjunction with an event are properly reviewed and published when requested. Without reviewers there would be no caches!