Season’s Greetings from the BCGA!

Seasons Greetings, Holiday Greetings, but as I like to say Merry Christmas & don’t forget Happy New Year. This brings us round to the fact that we all need to renew our BCGA Membership for another year – more details further in this newsletter.

The upcoming year is going to be a good one. One could say that it’s going to be “one in every four” time. A Leap into the future, perhaps. All I know is that it’s got some good things instore, and the BCGA wants to be your partner in this. No more hints from me!

While you are gathered around the Christmas Tree this holiday season, perhaps you want to join me in singing the Geocaching Christmas Carol – the Twelve Days of Geocaching!

On The First Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me a bison tube in a pine tree
On The Second Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 2 lock n locks
On The Third Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 3 ammo cans
On The Fourth Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 4 travel bugs
On The Fifth Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 5 FTFs
On The Sixth Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 6 events attended
On The Seventh Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 7 fiendish puzzles
On The Eighth Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 8 multi stages
On The Ninth Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 9 smiley faces
On The Tenth Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 10 power trails
On The Eleventh Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 11 ticks a-biting
On The Twelfth Day Of Caching my True Luv sent to me 12 Cachers Caching


Fundraising Survey Results

I would like to thank those of you that took the time to take part in our fundraising survey. You can find a break down and summary of the results HERE. The one great thing that did come out of this is the offer of free – yes FREE web hosting – with PacificServers. We gratefully accepted the offer and send our thanks to them on behalf of us all. As a board we have taken your comments onboard and we will be using them as the basis of how we move ahead.

With this new web hosting we will be able to work on our website to offer new features, one of them being bringing back the forum pages. We will also be bringing back the membership side with stronger security. We are taking our time to do this properly and we appreciate your patience.

Lillooet 2016 – Put your thinking caps on!

We are looking for your thoughts and input for a major BCGA event in Lillooet, as part of the Gold Country Labour Day long weekend.

We will look for your input on all aspects of the event from what you would like to see and do at the event, to a theme to tie the event together, to a logo to be used everywhere. We have already got some funding in place for this, so think big!

And – based on your feedback on fundraising – we might look at limited edition geocoins and clothing, of a better quality than we are able to offer in our online store.

This is just a heads up to get your creative juices running! There could be another competition just around the corner in the New Year!

The GeoArt Project is still alive!

Did you submit a puzzle for the GeoArt? If so, your help is needed! Unfortunately, it seems that the original emails have been lost and we are looking to publish the project on a special date in the spring.

If you or anyone you know submitted a puzzle and you still have it, please send it again to [email protected], making sure that you attach the original coordinates you were given and a brief description on how to solve the puzzle, as the submission guidelines now ask for this.

Membership Renewal Time!

It’s that time of year when we all need to renew our membership to the BCGA – and it’s as easy as sending an email to [email protected].
1. Your name/ user name
2. Your address
3. Your email
4. That you are still a resident of BC
5. That you still qualify as a member in good standing under Section 1 (3) of the Standard Operating Procedures of the Society HERE

Please get your emails in by the end of January! We need your support for the plans that we have for the year ahead!