Non-event CITO with Metro Vancouver Parks

Roy from Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, the BCGA and MVG have managed to make a non-event CITO with Metro Vancouver Parks.

From April 1st – 25th let’s CITO Together/Apart and make BC a cleaner province.

Thank you for doing your part to nurture our natural spaces in Regional Parks. Since work will be done by people on their own, there are safety and record keeping considerations we need to take into account: 

·  Please wear proper footwear, bring your own tools and follow health check, social distancing and mask wearing advisories.  If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, don’t continue with the activity

·   Please conduct your stewardship work during the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM

·   In order to take part in this activity, we ask that you:

1.  Register in our Better Impact volunteer management system so that you can use your phone to sign in and out of the activity (internet connection required)

2.  Notify a friend or family member with the details of your plan, so they can confirm your safe return

3.  Print off a copy of the placard below, fill in your details and place on your dash board so it is visible to Operations staff through your car window

To get set up in Better Impact:

Fill out the brief application form at Regional Parks Volunteer Opportunities (put ‘CITO’ as answer to question regarding your interest in volunteering) and list Ecological Stewardship as your General Interest.

Once you receive notification that you have been accepted, you will be able to register for any/all of the 6 available CITO activities in our Ecological Stewardship account.

When you are ready to start, you will need to:

1.      Download the free ‘My Impact’ app to your phone

2.      Open the app and enter user name and password

3.      From the list of Metro Vancouver Regional Parks volunteer accounts, click on Ecological Stewardship

4.      Click on ‘Start Clock’

5.      Select your activity

6.      When you have completed your work, go back in and ‘Stop Clock’ (please double check that you have stopped the clock successfully)

NOTE: Internet access can be unreliable in Aldergrove Regional Park; we recommend you start your time clock before you leave your house