The British Columbia Geocaching Association is a Society registered in the province of BC. As such the BCGA’s Board of Directors must conduct the Society’s business in full compliance with the British Columbia Privacy Act. Please see for more information.

  1. Privacy Officer – the privacy officer of the Society shall be the person currently holding the position of Vice President of the Society. If this position is vacant then the President will perform this task. Contact will be made to [email protected]
  2. Private Information held

    1. The Society retains on its servers the information received from the website users when they set up an account containing their user name and email address. This is used to allow users to access the website. The user agrees to the use of their email address for the society to send newsletters containing items of interest to geocachers in BC unless the user opts out of this.
    2. The Society retains the information of members provided by them in paper form and in electronic form on its website as a register of members required by the BC Society Act. This contains information members update annually. Photocopied ID sent in with an application will be destroyed (shredded) after membership has been verified. The member’s name and contact information will be stored electronically, kept secure, and made available to the directors only for BCGA administrative use. Members’ geocaching user name will however, be viewable to other members.
    3. The IP address of correspondence received through the website or on posts to the forums is recorded for the purposes of contacting the ISP in the case of abuse. This is only available to the directors or administrators.
    4. The Website makes use of “cookies” solely for the purpose to facilitate login and to assist in password reset. These cookies are stored on the user’s computer and are not used for any other purpose by the Society.
  3. Location of Records
    1. The Society retains the original paper membership forms submitted at the registered office of the society.
    2. Electronic information is stored on our servers located in the Canada
    3. Email addresses may be stored on the server of a contact management provider for the sole purpose of sending newsletters or for communicating with members. These servers are located in the United States.
  4. The Society will not make any private information of website users or members available for use by any 3rd party unless users or members specifically provide their consent.
  5. A website user or a member of the Society may send a written request to have their personal information removed from the server. The effects of this removal are:
    1. In the case of a website user, this will remove access to certain areas of the website including forums as a valid email address is required for access.
    2. In the case of a member, the removal of information from the server will result in the above. Additionally the member will not receive formal notices of meetings, nominations, or other information communicated to members. The member will also not be able to participate in electronic voting of the Society. The member will need to renew their membership annually via mail to the registered office of the Society.

Revised May 22, 2013