The current BCGA Directors are:

Bob Nex – Boomer365 – Director at Large – proclaimed June 2023

Sooke, on Vancouver Island is home, and the GZ from which I explore. Caching since 2008 (just a few), but got seriously into it in 2015. How serious? Streaking since May 2, 2015 serious, never missing a day. Geocaching has changed my life…the places I’ve discovered, the people I’ve met, my best friends are geocachers! I’m very excited to have joined the BCGA board of directors, and bring over 30 years of past board experience to the table. Volunteering is in my DNA!

Kevin MacDonald – Kev_MacD – Vice President – proclaimed June 2018

I have been caching since 2011, when a contractor working on the house pointed to the park across the street and mentioned that there where geocaches hidden there. Geocaches?? I picked up a Garmin 450 shortly after and spent the next two days in the pouring rain geocaching. I have since volunteered in a variety of roles in the Geocaching community and have hidden some caches with a respectable number of Favorites. In Muggle life I am an IT manager, a technology enthusiast and SCUBA diver. I enjoy meeting Geocachers and helping to spread the geocaching fun.

Tracey Nelson – Neltra – Secretary – proclaimed June 2019

My brother introduced me to geocaching in September 2011. At that point in my life, things were difficult and I really needed something to help me through it. I believe with everything in me, that geocaching saved my life. Fast forward almost 8 years and I’ve found over 7500 caches, I’ve been streaking for almost 600 days, made myself into a human trackable, I’m #1 in BC for tracking TBs (#10 in Canada), been hiking for thousands of miles, gone spelunking, biking, boating, kayaking and can’t wait for my next adventure. I’ve been to so many beautiful places, seen so many things and met so many awesome people. I’ve made lifelong friends. Thank you geocaching!!!

June Spearman – Jat Mune – Treasurer – appointed June 2019

I hail from Nelson, and have been caching since 2009. I am a retired Ultrasound tech, and now am an active volunteer in my community. I can be found helping out at the Capitol Theater, Nelson Leafs Hockey Games, and at Kootenay Lake Hospital.

Derek Campbell – GeoNavPro – Director at Large – elected June 2017

Board members are elected for a two year term. The Board of Directors usually meet monthly and the minutes of their meetings can be found here.

Ali Sarah – Alispice – Director at Large – proclaimed June 2023