BCGA Members only! There are two items that we have that you can borrow for an event!

Class Sets of Garmin eTrex 20x GPS Units

The BCGA owns two sets of 10 Garmin eTrex 20x GPSrs that are available for members to borrow for educational, team building and other group events. One set is based in the Okanagan and the other in the Lower Mainland, but we can ship them to you anywhere.

Examples of previous events that they have been used at:

  • Geocaching 101
  • Summer camps for children
  • Scouting events
  • Joint ventures with other organizations, such as BC Parks, to introduce the public to geocaching
  • Company Retreat team building weekends

What do I need to do? Email us at [email protected], giving some details of the event that you will be using them at and the dates that you need them for.

What does it cost? We will ship them to you for free and you pay to ship them back to us. If at all possible, we would prefer for them to hitch a ride with someone to you, to save on costs. The units are shipped to you without batteries. You supply your own batteries for the event and ship them back to us in the same way. All we ask for is a donation – which really depends on how much your group can afford and the length of time you need them for. A minimum donation of $25 is preferred.

BCGA Trackable Banner

Are you organizing an event? Did you know that the BCGA has two banners that are trackable?

Sandy with banner

Add the banner to your event for some extra pizzazz!

What do I need to do? Email us at [email protected], giving some details of your event and the dates you need it for.

What does it cost? Each banner is in a tube measuring 4โ€™ by 4โ€. We will get it to you by the cheapest method possible, from it hitching a ride with someone to using the cheapest shipping method possible. You must get it back to us in a similar manner. One is in the Okanagan and the other is in the Lower Mainland.


How can I help the BCGA? Any donations are always gratefully received, of course.